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How One Writer Let Her Story Tell Itself

I would like to thank StoryFinds for once again hosting me on their blog. On January 23rd I wrote a little about what I write and how I started writing. Today I want to focus on characters, one in particular, and how he insisted on a different path than I planned for him. Payton’s Pursuit is book two of The Winters Sisters series. This book took an interesting turn before I even wrote a single word of the story.

Before I started writing The Winters Sisters, I created the story arch and did basic plotting for the series – yep, pantser all the way. I planned out the hero and heroine of the first three novels. However sometimes events don’t go as planned and your characters decide to go in an entirely different direction. What do I mean? In Chasing Victory the reader is introduced to Collin McBain and Morgan Kane. These two men are the ‘lab rats’ experimented on by Biotec. The plan was that the two military men would enter, serve their purpose, and exit left, or in this case, be killed off. The scene was perfect; Collin would go out a hero, a redeeming quality based on the fact that he is unlikeable up to that point. Except the instant his life was to end, he refused to go down. Not only wasn’t he going to die, but he decided to play a much larger role in the series.I would like to thank StoryFinds for once again hosting me on their blog. On January 23rd I wrote a little about what I write and how I started writing. Today I want to focus on characters, one in particular, and how he insisted on a different path than I planned for him. Payton’s Pursuit is book two of The Winters Sisters series. This book took an interesting turn before I even wrote a single word of the story.

Does that mean there’s still hope for Morgan? He’s still alive at the end of Payton’s Pursuit…Pick up a copy of Payton’s Pursuit and read as Collin McBain, a ‘throwaway’ character takes on a life of his own and grows into a real hero.


Payton started to pace the office floor.

“I sure hope we have made enough headway over the last two days. The last thing I want is to cancel my trip. I really need some time away, even if it means I have to take Collin with me,” Payton said.

“Stop pacing, Payton. Sit down; work on your breathing and focus. You need to create a mental picture of your barrier. Start working on finding your picture and calm yourself,” Victory said.

Payton settled herself in a chair, closed her eyes and started her breathing exercises. A few moments later, Collin entered the room. Victory placed a finger to her lips, which informed him to enter the room quietly. He did as instructed and sat in a chair across the room from Payton. Seconds passed, minutes, finally they melted into an hour. Payton remained sitting, eyes closed, breathing evenly in and out.

“How long does it take that man to get here?” She finally asked as she opened her eyes.

Payton found herself staring into the abyss of ocean blue eyes, and a breathtaking sculptured face, framed with short, light brown hair. Collin didn’t flinch a single muscle.

“What? How long—” Her words stopped when the room began to spin and unconsciously she reached for the arms of her chair.

“He arrived over an hour ago, Payton. Clearly you can focus on a single thing. Focus and put your barriers back up,” Victory said.

Payton tried and tried, but she continued to be distracted and a nauseous feeling started to override her system.

“I can’t,” she said, irritated at the fact that she was falling apart once again in front of Collin.

“Thank you, Collin. We will continue where we left off tomorrow,” Victory said.

“No problem.” He looked back at Payton one last time. “Sorry,” he said. “I feel a little guilty since I am feeling more centered and peaceful than I have all day.”


Payton’s Pursuit is One Year Old!!

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On January 29, 2014 
Book Two of The Winters Sisters Series 
Payton’s Pursuit
was released.
To celebrate the one year anniversary
we are having a giveaway contest  for the entire
month of  February!!

Excerpt from Payton’s Pursuit:

She wasn’t concerned about going back up to the house alone. She walked home late and alone hundreds of times. Besides, the guys completed all the upgrades in their security and now the campus was even more secure than when first built. She would grab one of the carts and be home in less than five minutes. As she finished shutting things down and readied her desk for the next day, she realized she was the only person left in the building.

“Don’t be silly,” she chided herself. “Security has been beefed up and there is absolutely not one thing to worry about.”

Still an uneasy feeling grabbed hold and wouldn’t let go. She looked out her window to make sure a cart was available. The night was clear, stars filled the sky, and the moon was a meager sliver. Everything took on a sinister appearance. There were no carts sitting under the streetlight, where they were supposed to be. She decided to contact the front gate and make sure there would be cart and a security guard out front when she wanted to leave.

She pressed the intercom button to the gate and let it ring for a bit. She waited, and pressed the button again.


She pulled the file out of her desk drawer to see who was on duty. Frank, the shift boss, was on. He was one of the first people they hired when they started to staff the campus and one of their most conscientious employees. Payton sat back in her chair.

I’m being silly. I’m sure it’s been a busy night, and Frank has probably stepped away to get a cup of coffee.

She grabbed her purse out of her desk drawer, double-checked to verify her cell phone was in her jacket pocket, and left for the main gate to get a cart. The gate sat directly across the parking lot and the entire area was well lit with streetlights. An ominous dread slithered down the back of Payton’s neck. Was there someone else in the vicinity? She scanned the entire area. No one.

“These blasted psychic abilities,” she mumbled.

She thought she had more control over them. She needed to heed Victory’s advice and work on honing her skill on a daily basis.

As she approached the gate, she noticed there appeared to be no one in the security shack. Not unusual, this often happened at night. When it was quiet and the gate locked, instead of sitting in the tiny shack, the guards would stay in the security office across the street from the shack. There were lights on in the office, a safe bet Frank was there. She pictured a cup of coffee in his hand as he watched his favorite talk show.

Payton veered toward the office building, she gave one last backward glance at the shack. She stopped in midstride. Something seemed off, and she noticed the door ajar. The door was equipped with an automatic close-and-lock feature. The only way for the door to be left open was if someone stood in the doorway or something prohibited the door from closing.

She walked up to the shack and reached out to take the doorknob. Her eyes tracked down the length of the door, until she saw what kept the door from closing. There was a black shoe wedged in the doorway. She stared at the shoe, her mind not able to register what she saw. Her eyes traveled from the shoe, to the dark blue pant leg, to the matching shirt…Payton gasped.

There lay Frank, crumpled across the floor, a dark wet spot on the left side of his chest. She reached into her jacket pocket, and fumbled for her phone. She finally pulled the phone out, and pressed the power button, as she felt the strangest prick at the side of her neck. She turned to her left, where she noticed movement. Her head started to spin and her eyes blurred. She caught a blurry image of a man right before she hit the ground.



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Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Payton’s Pursuit! In celebration of this day we are running an Anniversary Giveaway Hop for the month of February!! I would love for all of you bloggers to join in the fun!!

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Today’s Interview on StoryFinds…

Friday, January 23, 2015

Readers Get Cozy with Paranormal-Romantic Suspense Author Joanne Jaytanie

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Author Joanne Jaytanie

Q: Your books focus on the paranormal and romantic suspense, what is it about these genres that inspire you as a writer?

Suspense has always been a draw for me; you are never sure which direction a story might turn. I love to immerse myself in a story, the suspense, tension, danger, and drama, are all pluses in my book. Throw in the paranormal element and you can create heroines and heroes that are larger than life. These two genres give me freedom and opportunity to go in any direction. I have the ability to intertwine a story that you, the reader are never one-hundred percent sure of where it may take you.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the Winter Sister Series?

The Winters Sisters Series is romantic suspense with paranormal elements. The series is about three sisters, all of whom have ‘special’ abilities that each were born with, but may not be natural. The main thrust of the series revolves around the sisters working with an élite group of military men called SOCOM, which stands for Special Operations Command. The men in this team also possess supernatural abilities. Together they are tracking an enemy whose goal is to create the perfect, supernatural soldier….

Visit StoryFinds to view this entire interview…


The dogs in my life

The magnificant 5

I purchased my first Doberman as a gift to myself for my 21st birthday. Tashia was my canine soul mate and always by my side. She taught me a great deal and introduced me to the world of obedience and therapy work. Together we learned by trial and error.

Years later my husband and I bought a home on the Kitsap Peninsula with a great view and acreage. We had the room, so we decided that Taisha needed a canine companion and along came Misty.

Misty became my obedience dog and immersed me into the world of the American Kennel Club, AKC for short. I became involved in the local All-breed Dog Club, where I served on the board for nineteen years, nine of which as President. I’m also a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and three other Doberman Clubs and have served on their boards.

As the years went on Dax and Kes became part of the family and I showed them in Conformation. Kes was the first Doberman I finished an AKC Championship on. I bred her and kept two puppies from the litter, Captain and Anya. Anya produced an outstanding litter and again I kept two puppies, Tristan and Maya. They were my first two homebred champions.

I spent nearly every weekend at dog shows and set myself on the path to apply for an AKC Conformation judgeship. Still, the need to write pulled at me, as it had since my high school years. I tried to convince myself that I could write and become a judge, knowing full well that my writing would fall by the wayside once again if I continued down that road. The time had come when I had to make the decision to put my writing first or put it down. Deep in my soul there was no decision, to write was what I needed to do.

I have left the days of showing dogs behind, but not my love of the breed or sport. You can find me ringside when there is a show in the area. I came up with a way to merge my love of dog shows and my beloved breed in my stories. There is a thread that runs through the Winters Sisters series which portrays my love of the Doberman by intergrating them into the Sisters family. The Doberman is a greatly misunderstood breed; I make it a point to depict the dog’s true nature by showing the reader its intelligence, commitment, dedication, tenacity, and unconditional love. The Doberman truly is a unique breed, bred for companionship.

A funny thing how the love for my dogs could change the course of my life. Are you an animal lover? Have they somehow impacted the course of your life, in either a major or minor way? I’d love for you to share your story.

My favorite Island…

Have you ever sat and thought about the places you would like to visit and the things you would love to see? I have, on a daily basis. What about an island? There are tons of islands the world over, some with white sandy beaches and a warm tropical breeze, with an icy mojito within your grasp. Maybe you would enjoy the rugged, wild island, sheer cliffs and wild animals at every turn.

I have explored a few islands and was dazzled by each and every one. It’s been a few years since I’ve had the opportunity to experience a new island. However, I do have one island that I can visit any time the need arises, you don’t have to book a flight and it’s free! I don’t get to sit on the beach, bask in the sun, or rock climb a treacherous mountain. But I can sip on a drink of my choosing, nibble on cheese and crackers and delight in the company of many friends and family.

What island is this you ask and how can you get there? It’s easy. You don’t even have to walk out your front door. The island I am referring to is the one in my own home ~ my kitchen island. It’s the place where family gathers and friends congregate. We talk about the day’s events, the hopes and dreams of the future, sometimes the defeats or tragedies.

In this day and time, with the World Wide Web, Facebook, tweeting and Pinning, it’s my safe haven. A place where I can go, unplug and know I’ll get the support and advise that I need. Have you visited your island lately? When was the last time you gathered there with a friend? Those are the times to just be yourself and enjoy the warmth and adventures of your life.

Take the time and visit your island, I promise, if you bring the right person it will rejuvenate you in a way a warm sunny beach never could…