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Love is in the Air Booklover Contest

Hi Readers,
Ready for find new authors and to win
prizes? I’m one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Reviews Love is in the Air Scavenger Hunt. (Feb 4 – 27)
During this event I’m going to help you
find some great new books and authors to read. Make sure to check my featured title out along the way.
The grand prize is a $100 Amazon Gift Card.
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My Name Is Giveaway Hop

We’re ringing in the
New Year with lots of giveaways! And by sharing some fun and wacky facts about
ourselves. There’s a new giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all!
Some of my quirky facts~
1) I love to listen to music when I write. But it has to be songs without words or halfway through the
song, I’ve written the lyrics – usually in the middle of a paragraph.
2) I hate spiders!! My husband is the spider-killer! There was a spider in the shower when he was gone
this summer. Even though I killed it with a half of a can of spray, I wouldn’t pick it up. So I took baths until he came home!
3) I always drive when we travel. I guess I just feel safer being the one in control. 
4) I’ve been owned by Dobermans for 34 years. Can’t imagine life without them.
5) I showed dogs for over twenty years and handled one of the top ten Bullmastiffs for a year ~ now
that’s a BIG dog!
6) In my senior year of high school I was the lead in the musical Oklahoma. Three years later my dad moved to Oklahoma and I spent three years there ~ hum.
There will be TWO winners~
I’m giving away a signed
copy of 
P.I. ~ I Love You

 Rivers don’t let rocks hold them back.

River Nightingale has decided to blow past the rocky men in her life. She’s played by the rules for too long—especially when it came to her career as a cop. She was the top closer of cases for years, but promotions in her small town cop shop went to her less productive male counterparts.
River’s friends, three other women cops, are also ready to change careers. Together they leave behind their small towns, become their own bosses, and purchase a Seattle private detective agency.
Homicide Detective Gage Hamlin takes pride in his job; he closes cases and fosters justice. All that changed the day River Nightingale sauntered into his office. River has him questioning his pride, his cases, and his aversion to private detectives, especially beautiful
private detectives.
River’s client thinks Gage got it wrong, and River is forced to prove Gage missed a murder. Will River and Gage find a way to play nice, or will River be forced to leave Gage behind?
And a signed copy of 
Love’s Always Paws~Able
Second chances at life, love, and a forever home don’t come every day.
Faith Daniels leaves a successful Silicon Valley career to follow her life’s dream:
in Cedar Grove she builds a foster home for unwanted and abused dogs. She knows
dogs have the ability to love even after being abandoned. Abandoned by her
fiancé and friends, Faith wishes she could learn to love and trust again.
Tanner Keen leaves behind the stress of his multi-million dollar advertising firm to
save his life. He needs peace and quiet. So when a friend asks him to help a small town animal shelter, the opportunity seems perfect.
But all is not peaceful at the shelter in Cedar Grove. Can Faith and Tanner discover
the deceit in others and still find trust in each other?
Love’s always paws-able.
To enter to win ~ Yup,
you guessed it! Tell me one of your quirky facts.
Leave your comment below.
Don’t forget to leave your email address!!

Joanne Jaytanie, author of ‘P.I~I Love You’ and ‘Christmas Ivy’, talks about writing

Thanks Teapot Author Services! I enjoyed your interview!!

A book and a cup of coffee

Joanne Jaytanie is an author of romantic suspense, paranormal, and contemporary romance books. Her stories are full of twists of plot and turns in her character’s lives. Joanne’s heroes find themselves involved in many troubles while building an everlasting relationship, that’s why each of her books is an exciting reading experience.

Recently I had a little chat with Joanne. Here is what we talked about…


  • How did you decide to pursue a writing career?

“I’ve loved writing since my freshman year in high school. But instead of following my dream, I went to college for business and got my BA. I spent years working in business administration, personnel, and finance for a variety of companies, including our own business.

Ten years after we started our accident reconstruction firm, my husband decided he had enough of running his own company and longed to return to marine engineering. That was a difficult…

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